SplunkLive! London 2019

I took some time out of the office to visit SplunkLive! London
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SplunkLive! London 2019

It’s been a good 4 years since I last attended SplunkLive! London, so after cramming myself onto the Jubilee line and not getting soaked along the way, I was looking forward to picking up a new T-Shirt seeing what’s new in the product.

As always the Splunk team spared no expense. The Intercontinental O2 Hotel was fully kitted out, and breakfast and lunch were provided free of charge but after sitting through the keynote and the first few customer presentations, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing…

I enjoyed playing buzzword bingo, Dark Data (I like that one), AIOps, Threat Hunting, Glass Tables and Augmented Reality but I never got that rush of excitement I experienced when I first watched someone use Splunk to track a transaction across hundreds of servers in real-time.

In hindsight, I should have read the Who Should Attend section of the invite.

SplunkLive! is uniquely designed for those looking to:

  • Explore the Splunk Platform for the very first time - (Long time user here)
  • Get started on their Splunk journey - (Mine started around 2008)
  • Find out what’s new for Splunk in 2019 and take it to the next level - (Now you are talking!)
  • Understand how their business can do more with Splunk - (I’m always open to new ideas)

It was a 50/50 split from the start.

Anyway, seeing as I was here, I had a few questions lined up from a previous project and decided to see if one of the technical Splunkers could brighten my mood (the weather wasn’t helping).

No such luck though. After being told to post the question on Splunk Answers, we soon realised that the question had been asked in several guises before but never truly answered.
I suspect my suggestion of a feature request fell on deaf ears too….only time will tell.

The sessions I attended helped re-assure my methodology but still left me hungry for something deeper, something innovative.
There’s definitely a gap in the market for a more technical focussed day in the UK.
As much as I love Las Vegas, I reckon I’d be a little distracted attending .conf

I did manage to catch up with several old acquaintances though, who echoed my desire for innovation, that alone made the day worthwhile, oh and the T-Shirts cheat sheets always come in handy!

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