Music by Wave2

Nature and the human touch play a big part in the music I create, often unquantised and always imperfect.

Dawning Reverie

It’s March already! Get ready to embrace the renewing energy of spring with this awakening track.
Released on
Electronic Synthwave

Luminexia Bloom

This extraordinary flower hails from the distant exoplanet Luminexia, where its petals emit a soft, bioluminescent glow.
Released on
Ambient Electronic Synthwave

Boom Chic

A sensual track that might help set the mood for a delightful Valentine’s evening.
Released on
Ambient Electronic Valentines

Crassula Ovata

An ambient track that I dedicated to my jade plant, whose blossoms tell a story of luck and good fortune.
Released on
Ambient Electronic


A retro futuristic semi-ambient track with a Blade Runner feel to it.
Released on
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